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Second-Year Resident Curriculum Benefit Information

Year Two Curriculum

During the second year, you'll spend two half-days per week at the Center for Family Medicine. You will also see patients one half-day per week at the Falls Community Health Center. The remainder of the time will be spent in either of the two affiliated hospitals or with an attending in office practice.

Below you'll find a second year resident's requirements, a sample rotation schedule, and all stipends, activities, and benefits information.

Second Year Requirements

Required Rotations

  • 8 weeks CFMIT
  • 4 weeks Subspecialty Pediatrics (include NICU)
  • 4 weeks Obstetrics
  • 4 weeks Gynecology
  • 4 weeks Community Medicine
  • 4 weeks Pulmonary
  • 8 weeks Night Float
  • 4 weeks Addiction Medicine

Other requirements in either the 2nd or 3rd year

  • 4 weeks Rural Family Medicine (must be taken before the last 6 months of 3rd year)
  • 8 weeks Orthopedics (4 weeks can be sports medicine, rheumatology or PM&R)
  • 4 weeks Geriatrics
  • 4 weeks Dermatology
  • 4 weeks Neurology
  • 20 weeks of Electives

Second year resident

Sample Rotation Schedule


Obstetrics Avera


Physical medicine & rehab


ER Avera


Hospital Medicine


Night Float


Community Medicine


Gynecology Sanford


Addiction Medicine


Night Float




Hospital Medicine


Rural Fam Med Parkston


NICU / Spec. Pediatrics

Financial benefits



For second-year residents.

PS — South Dakota has no state income tax


5 days

Total of five paid days of meeting time.

Weeks Vacation


You will receive a full three weeks of vacation during your second year.

Work Lunch


You will be provided a free lunch at noon conferences Monday through Thursday and when on call at the hospitals.

Second year activities

Moonlighting Opportunities

Moonlighting (up to 60 hours per month) is allowed during your second and third years. You’ll also share the responsibility of “team physician” for all Sioux Falls Public School athletic events. There is added remuneration for this service.

Noon Conference

In addition to completing your rotations and electives, you’ll attend a daily noon conference which includes our in-house curriculum covering various disciplines, complemented by other scheduled conferences and journal clubs. These meetings ensure broad exposure to the wide variety of problems encountered in family medicine and give exposure to those conditions which are not so common.


Second-year residents will enjoy a retreat weekend with funding supplied by the program. As a group, you will select an area resort hotel for a three-day weekend of fun and relaxation.

Other benefits

  • 3 Weeks Vacation
  • Vision Insurance
  • Wellness Memberships at Reduced Rate
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Disability
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
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