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At the turn of the 20th century, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was a rural community of some 10,000 settlers who possessed a strong work ethic, a vision for the future, a commitment to family and a plan to build a better place for generations to come.

Sioux Falls residents are mindful of those founding visionaries who set into motion the industry, prosperity and quality of life that continues as a vital source to businesses and families alike. Sioux Falls truly is a city of the future with values of the past.

Today, almost 170,000 residents call Sioux Falls home. Even as the largest city in the state, Sioux Falls remains a community dedicated to the health and well-being of its business climate and its families. Community pride, a safe, clean environment and a wealth of cultural, educational and recreational opportunities make Sioux Falls a great place to live and raise a family.

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About Sioux Falls

Welcome to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Located in southeastern South Dakota, Sioux Falls has an economic base served by healthcare, agriculture, retailing, wholesaling, service and information industries and small manufacturing. In the recent past, Money magazine named Sioux Falls the "#1 Best Place to Live in America!"

Sioux Falls' parks, schools and churches are easily accessible to many beautiful residential neighborhoods. In addition, Sioux Falls has many shopping centers throughout the city.

Culturally, the city offers an exciting menu including the Community Playhouse, the SD Symphony Orchestra, several museums, and the Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum. In 1999, the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences opened which has been a great addition to the community. It includes an art gallery, 1900-seat performing arts center, as well as the Kirby Science Center and Wells Fargo CineDome Theater. To supplement an excellent K-12 public and private school system, the city maintains an outstanding multi-branch library system. In addition to over 70 city parks, Sioux Falls boasts several public swimming pools, 34 public tennis courts, seven public golf courses, and approximately 30 miles of paved bike trails. Sioux Falls is also home to a CBA basketball team, as well as baseball, hockey and football teams.

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Schools & Colleges

Sioux Falls also has three church-affiliated colleges: Augustana College, University of Sioux Falls, and Sioux Falls Seminary. These institutions, along with satellites of the state-sponsored universities: University of South Dakota (USD/Vermillion), and South Dakota State University (SDSU/Brookings), conduct an active and diverse continuing education program. There are also three technical schools.

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Economy & Technology

The Sioux Falls economy is thriving and growing. The booming economy attracts new companies that open facilities in Sioux Falls, while local companies are expanding their operations-both result in new job creation, which infuses new capital, and broadens our tax base. Since 1990, Sioux Falls has experienced nearly $1.9 billion worth in construction, 11,481 new housing units, and non-farm wage and salary employment has increased by over 30,000.

Sioux Falls has enjoyed a healthy, sustained growth in its population and economic base. This trend began in 1981 when Citibank moved to Sioux Falls, and has continued with the location of several other financial service companies. Although the area is at "full employment," new families continue to move to the area and companies have been successful in attracting workers from surrounding communities. While the labor force is very mobile, workforce projections show that the local labor market is capable of accommodating large employers.

Two interstate highways, I-90 and I-29, meet at Sioux Falls and contribute to a wide labor market area. The Sioux Falls labor market area includes twelve counties in three states: Minnehaha, Lincoln, Brookings, Clay, Lake, McCook, Moody, Turner and Union counties in South Dakota; Lyon county in Iowa; and Rock and Pipestone counties in Minnesota.

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